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Special PolarConnect Event

WAIS Divide

Special Event - Global Meditation from WAIS Divide, Antarctica

Yamini Bala with Global Mediation, will be hosting a special PolarConnect (real-time) event from WAIS Divide, Antarctica on Saturday, 27 December 2014 at 1900 GMT.

Note: This event is not for our typical classroom-based education audience. Please read description before registering. Direct questions to info [at] polartrec [dot] com

WAIS Divide (West Antarctic Ice Sheet), where the Velvet Ice team is currently stationed, has recently be found to be one of the most vulnerable areas of Antarctica to global climate change. If recent predictions hold true, major glaciers in WAIS could collapse within 100 years, triggering massive shifts in global climate.

Join Yamini Bala and members of the Velvet Ice team for a special PolarConnect event on December 27th, 2014 at 7pm GMT. Using a powerful visualization technique, we will conduct a Global Earth-Healing meditation, with our focus and energy directed toward WAIS Divide and Antarctica, along with the Earth. Engage in climate change action on a different level, using the power of your Consciousness to bring positivity and healing to the planet.

This event is FREE but requires registration.

VelVeT Ice in West Antarctica

Velvet Ice Team

Yamini Bala is with her team in Antarctica to study ice crystals and how their structure effects the flow of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet! They are at a remote field camp, but Yamini Bala will send out journals about her participation in the teamwork.

Explore with Weddell Seals

Alex Eilers in Antarctica

Alex Eilers is back with her team in Antarctica studying the Weddell seals. They are gathering lots of information on the seals to understanding their body conditions throughout the year. You can also check out Alex's webpage at antarcticarevisited.com.

JSEP Applications Open Now

JSEP Flyer

Students Invited to Apply for the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP)
Applications open November 15, 2014 and close January 9, 2015.

The three-week program takes place entirely in Greenland. Participants from the United States, Denmark, and Greenland live and work together while exploring current research and completing their own inquiry-based investigations.

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Dominque on FB

Look who is getting READY FOR ANTARCTICA! Follow Dominique Richardson on PolarTREC. Her expedition can be followed on PolarTREC as well as on FaceBook here and @EastAntarctica on Twitter!

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