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Linne Glacier
18 July 2014

Teacher Peggy McNeal is in Svalbard, Norway as part of a research team, which includes undergraduate geoscience students participating in the Research Experiences Undergraduates (REU) Program. They are researching how high latitude glaciers, melt-water streams, and sedimentation in the fjords reflect climate.

Current Expedition

Hiking on the Greenland Ice Sheet
2 August 2014

Follow Tina Ciarametaro as she travels in remote western Greenland with her team studying glacial retreat. All of Tina's communications are coming from their small camps via satellite phone!

Report Released

22 July 2014

A new report is now available on Arctic Research Support and Logistics: "Increasing Arctic Accessibility Over the Next Twenty Years”. The report was based on recommendations discussed at a workshop and with input from the broader community. It includes recommendations for sustaining and expanding logistics resources, capacity building, and opportunities for improved coordination of resources. The report is available free as a PDF.

PolarTREC Alum on Permafrost Project

Tom Lane
9 July 2014

PolarTREC Teacher Tom Lane has taken science experiences into his own hands. He is working with Dr. Vladimir Romanovsky on the 2014 annual borehole survey in northern Alaska.

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Dominique Seles
Calculating Speed Hei Hei! Dominique Seles Dominque has been measuring the speed of the...

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Hello again! I saw that when you stopped you ate some blueberries. Did you pack food, or did you find them? If so, what other foods can you find over there?
Hi Tina! We know the feeling. After leaving Ny Alesund, population 135 and arriving in Longyearbyen, population 2,080, we felt like we had really arrived in the big city. And I believe your party...
I'm so glad you enjoyed, Mindy. I have a few more coming, highlighting our students, so stay tuned and thanks so much for connecting.
Thank you, Bill. I hope everyone at Los Coches Creek Middle School has a wonderful first day of school!
Cotton grass, erratics, blueberries, ptarmigan and that caribou is like in a dream! You must be pinching yourself. Incredible!

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18 August 2014
Emily Dodson-Snowden, a sixth-grade science teacher at Morton Middle School, didn’t have a typical summer break. She spent three weeks in Greenland studying how climate change influences plant/pollinator interactions and plant reproduction as part of PolarTREC (Teachers and Researchers Exploring...