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Current Expedition

Lisa Seff in the Field
22 August 2014

Alumni Teacher Lisa Seff is communicating with her team that is currently on expedition in Alaska. Check her journals to hear about the team in action.

PEI International Polar Workshop

Polar Educators International
27 August 2014

Exciting news! The registration for the PEI International Polar Workshop: Education Meets Science Bringing Polar Research into Classrooms is ready!

We hope you can join us in Hannover Germany, April 1-4, 2015. Start looking for funding now!

For more information, contact PEI: polareducators [at] gmail [dot] com

New Report

Visible true color mosaic of the Arctic Ocean for 14 August from the NASA MODIS sensor. Image from NASA WorldView, http://earthdata.nasa.gov/labs/worldview/
27 August 2014

The August Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) report is now available here. The report includes comments on modeling outlooks and on regional predictions, a summary of current conditions, key statements from each Outlook, and links to view or download the full outlook contributions.

Upcoming Polar Week

APECS Polar Week
26 August 2014

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) is hosting Polar Week once again! Celebrate the poles during the equinox in September 2014.

Report Released

22 July 2014

A new report is now available on Arctic Research Support and Logistics: "Increasing Arctic Accessibility Over the Next Twenty Years”. The report was based on recommendations discussed at a workshop and with input from the broader community. It includes recommendations for sustaining and expanding logistics resources, capacity building, and opportunities for improved coordination of resources. The report is available free as a PDF.

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Steve and Phil loading the styrofoam cups
Back In The Groove in Barrow! We’re back in the groove here in Barrow, with the normal cycling...

Latest Comments

Hi Mrs. Ciarametaro! My first question is if there was ever a point on this trip where you felt you may not make it home? Or was the trip pretty safe and your team was well prepared? Also, I saw that...
what is the temperature in Celsius, or Fahrenheit? depending on what system they use?
Well as fun as it might be to try to crush something or just see what it does underwater with intesensive pressure, but what advances can this undercover?
Hello! I was just checking on this Journal entry and I couldn't help but comment on the patterns that were in the ground in some of the pictures. They are all so incredibly formed. The whole trip...

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Recent Resource

13 June 2014
The attached PDF contains 5 different lessons and lab activities for high school earth science, environmental science and biology classes. The focus is on permafrost and related topics including the earth’s carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, climate change, and aqueous geochemistry. The diagrams...